St Thomas the Apostle

Holy Week at St. Thomas Our Holy Week services at St. Thomas are: Holy Tuesday, April 16th, Evening Prayer @ 6 PM Maundy Thursday, April 18th, Holy Communion @ 6 PM Good Friday, April 19th, Liturgy @ 6 PM Holy Saturday, April 20th, Liturgy @ Noon Easter Sunday, April 21st,

What is an Anglican?

What is an Anglican? What is the Anglican Church? Well… we are Protestant and Catholic, Catholic and Evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox, but most importantly we are Christians! We are Christians striving to follow Christ daily, and we welcome you to come and walk with us!  Our Identity is in Christ!

First Friday Healing Mass

St. Thomas offers Holy Communion every Friday at Noon, but the first Friday of the month is set apart as a Mass for healing. If you have any questions regarding the Healing Mass or would like your prayer requests remembered at the Mass please contact us.  Phone: (706) 894-2422 Email: